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Donor Criteria- Not all women are eligible to participate in a donor program.  Health, age, hereditary factors and weight all play an important role in determining eligibility.   Typically, donors must be between 21-35 years of age, healthy, non-drug using, non-smoking and are in a healthy height to weight range (click her for BMI calculator).  Older women tend to respond less to fertility drugs.  In addition, there is a higher possibility that older women’s eggs may be abnormal and/or potentially increase the risk of birth defects.   Donors between the ages of 30-35 may not be considered a candidate by some physicians unless they have previously donated successfully or have had children within the last couple years, in order to increase the chance of a possible pregnancy.

Procedure- Donors must be willing to be committed throughout the entire process (averaging about one month) and will be required to maintain and attend regular appointments at the clinic/medical office and follow the medication as directed by the physician (some of which must be injected).  The process of retrieving your eggs is an out-patient, minor surgical procedure which typically takes no more than one hour.

Compensation- Compensation begins at $4,000-$5,000 and can increase from there depending education background, scholastic, athletic, performing arts achievements, or your success as a donor.

We do offer a program for “Exceptional Donors” who are women have obtained high levels of professional or scholastic achievements or possess graduate degrees, undergraduate degrees, outstanding testing scores (SAT, IQ, LSAT, MCAT).  This may also include previous donors who have successfully proven themselves with multiple pregnancies occurring as a result of their performance as a donor.   Compensation is for an “Exceptional Donor” program begins at $6000 and up.

Lastly and most important, although there is a financial benefit to the donor which she may use to be able to achieve her dreams or just help her family, we look for donor candidates who are deeply caring women who feel strongly about helping others conceive a child.   Having the opportunity to help in this way, can be the most rewarding benefit.

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